TimeShare Freedom

Bernie Gartland

Bernie Gartland

Hey everybody, Bernie Gartland from the Gartland Group. Today I’m going to talk to you about something that is most unusual and I’m going to give you kind of a teaser. The teaser is this, many, many, many of you have timeshare’s that you just are paying every single year on, on whatever their requirements are. The property taxes on the time share pro rata and also the administration fees and you’re not using it. For whatever reason you just can’t get out of that contract. The teaser is, we have a television show called Taxes the IRS and You.


One of the things that we are going to talk about on that show within the next month or so is how to get relief from your timeshare obligation forever. It’s a little bit complicated. We are going to have an expert that is really successful for a fee of course. He and his staff will get you out of the contract for a timeshare. I’ve never heard of anything like this before and after talking to the individual involved I said, “You know this is something that you all out there need to know. That you’re not locked in totally to paying for something that you don’t use anymore and you can’t get rid of because they can’t sell it. You can utilize a company that can represent you in eliminating that contract.”

I think this is a powerful thing and it doesn’t serve our purpose to do a podcast for a few moments to talk about it because we are going to have on our television show the principle involved in this to explain all of this and we hope that you will watch the television show, it’s on KMIR television at noon time every Wednesday starting in the later part of February. I think it will probably put it on our website so that you can see that.

Start looking at noon time at KMIR television here in Coachella Valley or wherever you are where you can access it and start looking at what you can do if you are just drowning with payments to timeshares. The one way you can get out of it is file a bankruptcy but if you don’t have to file a bankruptcy and you don’t want to, and we’re not suggesting you do it. Then let’s listen to what the principle involved says on how this can be done and how you can get some relief.

We have an expression, let us show you how you can get control back in your life and have that control give you a future. This is one of those concepts. See you next time.

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