Regardless if you are years behind or current with your tax returns, American Tax Centers will help you promptly prepare accurate tax returns, while minimizing the risk of audit.

If you are behind in filing, we work with you and the IRS to reconstruct your records in order to get you back into compliance.

Once your returns are prepared, we help you address any tax liability you may be facing and show you the options you might not have known you had…there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

In addition to your personal taxes, American Tax Centers also specializes in business filings (sole-prop, LLC, C-Corporation, S-Corporation and even Non-Profits). Every year new tax laws are introduced and in the recent year there has been a major impact on business returns and possible deductions you could be missing. Let us work with you to make sure you are maximizing your profit by taking advantage of all tax benefits you are allowed to take.



Audits can be triggered by irregularities on your tax return or simply selected at random. It is important to know what to expect, supply the correct documentation and have someone on your side when addressing the questions from IRS, FTB, EDD or BOE.

As a former auditor for the State of California, American Tax Centers’ Bryon Bauer is uniquely qualified to help you navigate the challenges of being audited. Bryon will guide you through the process and take the lead on communication so you don’t have to.



There are many important factors to consider when structuring your business. Consideration for liability, profitability and tax consequences are just a few of these factors. The Gartland Group can assist you through the process if you have an existing business or are looking to set a new business up.

The process of organizing your business for tax purposes can be confusing…LLC, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership, Sole-Proprietor, sales tax permit, payroll, etc…We can help you understand your options and choose what fits your needs.



Living with overwhelming tax debt can destroy your business and personal life. Debts that seem insurmountable can, in fact, be resolved through the right approach.

Our Three-Part Problem Solving Method has been extremely effective for our clients for more than 30 years. Tools available to you include simple installment agreements, negotiated payment plans, Offer in Compromise, Currently non-Collectible, discharge in bankruptcy and other strategies to help you navigate the complex issues behind tax debts.

Don’t let the weight of tax debt take away your future…let the Gartland Group help put control back in your life.



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Griffin Bookkeeping offers a wide range of services to help your business run smoothly, no matter how big or small. When you let our professional staff take care of your bookkeeping, you are able to focus on your strengths and grow your business and cash flow.

Our services include ongoing bookkeeping in our office or yours, new business set ups, payroll (including filing quarterly and annual returns), accounts receivable and on call support for your QuickBooks needs. We can customize our service to fit your individual needs.