Preparing Unfiled Prior Year Tax Returns

Some clients are only behind a year or two in filing late IRS tax returns while others need to catch up on their tax filings for many past years.

Regardless of how far behind you are in filing IRS or state back taxes, American Tax Centers can help you to promptly prepare accurate returns, while aiming to minimize the risk of audit, enforced tax collection or criminal prosecution by the taxing agencies.

Many of our clients with unfiled back tax returns have lost their tax records, making the preparation of old tax returns more complicated. Our tax experts are able to compile all of the information the IRS has about you and reconstruct your financial information.

In cases involving lost records, we can prepare the most accurate tax returns possible for you and help get them accepted by the IRS.

Many taxpayers do not file late tax returns because they do not have the money to pay the balance due. Even if you can’t pay, filing the tax return is almost always your best interest.

If you would like to discuss any of your late tax return options, call us at 760-771-0010.