Audit Representation

We can help you respond to an IRS audit; promptly and effectively

At American Tax Centers we are extremely well versed in representing clients that are being audited by the IRS and/or Franchise Tax Board.

As a former auditor for the State of California, American Tax Centers’ Bryon Bauer is uniquely qualified in the Greater Palm Springs/Coachella Valley region to help you navigate the challenges of being audited.

Audits can be triggered by irregularities on a tax return or simply because the tax return has been selected at random to be audited. In other cases, an audit which questions the validity of business expenses or other write-offs or results in a large balance owed to the IRS can be more difficult to respond to. These audits often will require the help of a tax professional to prove to the IRS that the expenses claimed are reasonable and necessary for the business in question or to prove that the changes made by the IRS are incorrect. In these cases, writing a letter to the IRS may not be sufficient for the taxpayer to defend their position. Utilizing the services of Bryon Bauer of American Tax Centers, can be critical to your best interests for a successful defense.

American Tax Centers specializes in assisting small businesses and individuals with their taxes. If you are being audited by the IRS or Franchise Tax Board and/or have questions about your tax situation, we invite you to call us 760-771-0010 to set up a free consultation.